Worried about being too fat for your wedding dress?

Ugly dressIt’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of thinking: I’ve got to lose weight for my wedding/holiday/date, etc, and then feeling a rising sense of panic. No sooner than you have the thought, you start eating more than ever and this perpetuates the panic and everything spirals out of control. Your special day or a holiday becomes a nightmare as excitement is replaced by an increasing knot of stress and fear that blocks out everything else.

Even if you think you’re supposed to love your body and are all shouty and political about it in public, it’s easy to feel very different in private before a big occasion and these feelings can ruin what should be the best times of your life.

You’re supposed to be looking forward to your wedding – a time to share your love with friends and family and with each other, not worrying about what people think of you. On holiday, you’re supposed to relax on the beach with a book and have a swim and a few drinks and feel close and connected with your fellow holidaymakers, be they new friends or old, not trying to hide and wishing you could stay in your room.

Guess what? Bad body thoughts aren’t real, no matter what size you are. You don’t have to listen to them or feel any kind of emotional connection to them. I can help you to cut through the crap and get in touch with reality. I can help you to switch your focus to what’s really important and re-ignite the excitement and anticipation you should be feeling about your big event.

For a very short window, I’m coming out of ‘retirement’ and offering some help with body image issues specifically for those who are in a panic about a special occasion.

The sessions will be on Skype messenger (I use messenger because I find I’m most effective in writing as it allows me to think clearly) and are priced at £35 an hour. This is a highly discounted rate (usually £135) as I would like to use the sessions for research for a book in body image. Because this is only a temporary offer and my time is limited, I’m only able to book sessions for four people. All I ask in return for the discount is that you allow me to publish some of our conversation, anonymously if you wish, with full copy approval from you before publication.

The sessions are only for people who have a particular event, such as an up and coming holiday or wedding, that is triggering fear and worry because of negative feelings about appearance.

Here are some of the comments I’ve had from past clients:

“When I looked at an old photo of myself when I was so worried about my weight I could see that I looked sexy as hell! I have no idea why I was so paranoid about my weight. ” Jess

“Your work is so so important. If it can make such an affect on me (I was the type where I felt like I just couldn’t have the energy to go out anymore) what wonders it can do to others.” Sarah

“I just wanted to be able to look in the mirror in my dress on my wedding day or see my wedding pics and like what I see.  After talking to you, I went out, got my hair done, bought a red lippy and now I look like a vamp. I feel fabulous now and all my fears about my wedding are gone. Thank you so much.” Vicky

“I enjoyed my holiday with friends so much more. I’m so glad I spoke to you, Sue.” Cheyvonne

If you’re interested in the How To Love Your Body sessions, please contact me here, describing the occasion in question and, briefly, how you’re feeling.

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