Fat fat fat is bad bad bad – or is it?

fat women

Quick! Call an ambulance! These women are about to die!

I bet you think that if you’re overweight you’re more likely to die and that being overweight is really really bad for you.

That’s because you read too many newspapers and watch too much telly and listen to too many TV star wannabes like Katie… whatever her name is – the obnoxious one off The Apprentice. If you are of the opinion that having any body fat is bad it’s just an indication that you soak it all up like some dumb sponge. No offense. I’m not suggesting you sit there dribbling with your tongue lolling out of your mouth letting all information download into your brain unquestioned. Well, I suppose I am. Because maybe minus the tongue and the dribbling (which is offensive and I apologise for it), that’s what you must be doing!

That being overweight or obese is bad for your health is not a proven fact, it is merely an assumption. There is no absolute scientific or medical evidence for it. For every trial that shows a link to obesity and overweight with illness or death there is a trial that says that obesity has no effect on health AND – check this out – there are also equal numbers of trials that show that obesity has a positive health benefit and that being overweight protects against illness and death!

Conversely, there are also trials that give evidence that being thin is linked to the highest death and illness rates.

You don’t hear about NHS spending on ‘skinny related diseases’ do you? Because diseases caused by anorexia are attributed to the actual cause, not one of the effects.

You don’t see magazine articles with weight gain advice for the underweight, do you?  Imagine commercial clubs and magazines with before photos of skeletal anorexics, then after following the 5,000 calorie a day diet, after photos of a ‘normal weight’ person posing in brightly coloured outfits from a catalogue. Fattening World Magazine. Heavier Life.

You don’t get to hear much about the health benefits of being ‘over’ weight. Reporting research finding anything positive about fat is accompanied by disclaimers, caveats and every effort to minimize its significance

You, as a consumer who spends lots of money on trying to lose weight, are led by the nose towards those stories written from the results ‘proving’ that fat is bad, bad, bad.

None of this would matter if it weren’t for the fact that fat bashing, especially the way we’re brainwashing our kids into fat hatred, is creating generations of people who have lost control over what they eat (whether this is overeating or undereating). It’s making people with regular bodies feel irregular and wrong and that means they will try to change themselves, get caught up in diet thinking and end up with disordered eating that will drag them further away from what they were looking for.

People like this ridiculous car crash media personality Katie Hopkins (I Googled her to find out her name) aren’t just causing a stir but they are responsible for ruining lives and possibly killing people because every person made to feel ashamed of their body is dragged further into the self hatred that causes their disordered eating.

I hope she can live with herself . Fortunately for her, she probably can live with the consequences of her actions because she is too thick to understand what they are.

“Living is Easy with Eyes Closed.”  John Lennon

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