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obese children put up for adoption

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Seriously. What do you think of this?

“The mother and father of seven children, six of whom are overweight, face the “unbearable” prospect of never seeing their four youngest again if authorities act on a threat to remove them.

“Three girls aged 11, five and one, and a boy aged five, are to be put up for adoption or “fostered without contact” because their parents failed to help them slim down.”

I’m really interested, but also a little afraid, to hear what readers think.

You can probably work out my opinion if you read my blog. I think it’s illegal because the actions of Dundee Social Services are based in appearance prejudice. No matter how you look at the situation, science tells us you can’t judge a person’s health by their size, shape or weight. Thin people overeat and are at risk of so called obesity related disease and many fat people no longer overeat and they take regular exercise.

If a person has become what we call obese by eating too much and not doing enough exercise (and the psycho/bio/social causes of this are not as clear cut as the public think), when they do begin acting in healthful ways, stopping overeating and exercising regularly, they rarely lose more than 10 per cent of their weight. In fact, only 2 per cent of people do lose weight in the long term. But they do eradicate the risk of so called obesity related disease.

These are very well established medical and scientfic facts, so how can Dundee Social Services be acting morally or legally in their treatment of this family?